Craftmark Polyester Bar Code Labels

When it comes to color options and print quality, the “CRAFTMARK” Polyester Bar Code Labels have it all – including the option of custom spot colors and four-color processing. This top-of-the-line polyester label features our thickest polyester combined with a .0035″ thick adhesive. Digital printing ensures bar code readability as well as crisp, clean company logos while subsurface printing protects the logos, copy and bar code against extreme solvents, caustics, acids and moderate abrasion.

.003" thick white or silver polyester that can withstand moderate to harsh exposure, mild to moderate abrasion, and temperatures up to 250°F for short durations.
Bar code and human-readable equivalent is produced using the latest high-resolution digital technology available, which provides excellent clarity and easy scanning. Code 39 is the standard symbology with a range of 2.7 to 9.4 CPI (characters per inch). Optional symbologies include Code 128, I 2 of 5, 2D DataMatrix and QR Code. Although this product is primarily marketed as a bar code product, we can produce it with human-readable numbers only or unserialized. Call Metalcraft for information on either of these options.
The label copy may include block type, stylized type, logos or other designs. All copy, block type, stylized type, logos, designs, and bar code are subsurface printed. This unique process provides excellent resistance to solvents, caustics, acids, and moderate abrasion.
Standard colors include black, red, yellow, green or blue. 2+ color option includes custom colors and four-color process for an unlimited color palette. Due to contrast needed for the bar code scanner, all bar codes are black.
.0035" thick low surface energy, pressuresensitive adhesive (MC53FL). Provides excellent adhesion to uneven or rough surfaces and slightly oily surfaces.
Shipped on a peel-off strips with scrap removed for ease of removal or option of labels in sheet or roll form. Cleaning solution is provided to assist in applying to a clean surface. Cartons are clearly marked to indicate serial numbers of labels.
7 work days upon receipt of order and proof, approval.