Unique Item Identification – or UID as it is commonly referred – is a Department of Defense mandate that requires a globally Unique Item Identifier to track items throughout their lifecycle. Because the mandate specifies the UID mark must last the service life of the item being identified, this presents some challenging marking applications in difficult environments.

For UID applications in mild to moderate conditions or environments where the product will be exposed to extreme solvents we offer “CRAFTMARK” Polyester Labels. These sturdy labels feature subsurface printing which, combined with our thickest polyester, protects the logos, copy, and bar code against extreme solvents, caustics, acids, and moderate abrasion. This unique process also eliminates the need for a laminate thereby eliminating the additional cost for the laminate as well as the possibility of delamination. The .0035" thick adhesive provides excellent adhesion to uneven, rough or slightly oily surfaces.
The UID mandate presents some interesting challenges for unique marking applications. Cables, for example, are not only difficult to mark under normal circumstances but add on the complexities of being UID compliant and it is almost impossible. We have the answer. Our unique UID Cable Label not only simplifies the task of marking the labels but the durable structure and subsurface printing ensures the label will last the service life of the item being identified.
For UID applications in extremely harsh environments we offer Ceramic-on-Stainless Steel Bar Code Nameplates. These unique products are printed using ceramic ink on a thin ceramic layer that is fired and fused to a heat resistant stainless steel substrate. We have several different variations of this product available – one with an additional glaze for image protection and one specifically designed for saltwater applications.
Our photo anodized nameplates and labels are an ideal solution for many UID applications. Produced using a photo imaging process that seals images within the sapphire-hard anodic layer of the aluminum – resisting chemicals, solvents, abrasion and dirt – these robust products ensure accurate and reliable reads for years to come. Various thicknesses allow for versatility in application surfaces – flat or curved – and specially matched adhesives ensures maximum adhesion or optional holes are available for mechanical fasteners. Plus, a new break-away tab* on our metal material makes adhesive liner removal easier.